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Recycling Site Waste

Recycling Site Waste

Our World is more and more filled with tonnes of waste unused that is making our planet suffer the consequences of the waste disaster.

A to Z Design and Construct Ltd is paying close attention to the possibility of reusing as much as possible of the construction waste when building Extensions and Lofts and not only.

How to reduce the waste:

  • General rubble can be compacted on site and reused as hardcore for landscaping purposes.

  • Whole bricks and blocks can be utilised elsewhere — even if you don’t particularly like them, they’re worth saving for the likes of minor landscaping projects.

  • Depending on the scale of the project, you could employ a specialist contractor to manage the recycling of your general waste. They will sort through your waste and separate it – much like the household recycling collection – into reusable items. Visit to find out more, or try asking your local authority.

  • Rules on disposing of waste at local authority sites are fairly strict — you’re allowed to dispose of waste from building work carried out on your property as long as you’re the person who carried out the work. So if you’re employing builders, you’ll need to treat your waste as commercial waste. Read more about the Waste Legislation by clicking

Together we will be able to make our world not just comfortable but also healthy and beautiful.

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