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Sound proof

The request for soundproof becomes more and more a must for Building due to the poor sound insulation.

Is a disturbing situation when surrounding by neighbours, and more when those like loud sound.

For this project we have used the Ikoustic system for sound proof that consists in following steps.

1. Building a stud wall with a gap of 6-8cm from the existing wall. The connection to the ceiling and sides is finished with a acoustic membrane helping reduction of vibration. We would usually place them on each joist and along the joist at 600mm centres. This should create a grid of approx 400mm x 600mm centres.

2. Installation big GenieClip LB2’s that can hold 16kg each, although we would not normally suspend more than 10kg on any clip.

3. Installation of the sound proof insulation

4. Installation of the sound proof Boards

5. Installation of the Tecsound SY70 in a staggering direction

6. Installation a second layer of plasterboard in a totally different direction so all joist are covered

7. Joist are filled with the sound proof silicon.

The structure itself is quite heavy and the structure engineer is recommending a minimum of 150x47@350, C16 (L3450m) joists.

We hope this information will be helpful in Building a sound insulated property.

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