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Marble of the World-Turkey

According to the Turkish government, more than 30-percent of the world's reserves of marble are in Turkey. Most of it comes from an area west of the 31st Parallel and south of Istanbul. White and travertine are the best-known natural stone products, but the country is a source of granite, limestone, and onyx too.

Though, Turkish Stone may not be so well known as the Italian still is one of the largest suppliers in the world. They are well known for the Travertine that comes in different varieties but can be also confused with the Italian Travertine from Trivoli. Even, Cleopatra and Mark Antony spent a winter in Ephesus enjoying the beauty of the Luxury Marble Floor and Marble products and hand crafted marble.

In the modern age, hundreds, if not thousands, of projects have been done using Travertine.

There are different varieties of travertine depending on shades and colours. In industry parlance the different varieties can be divided into-






  • RED


A to Z Design and Build is now able to implement these products in the Luxury Building Projects as for the interior works as well as for the exterior use.

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