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10 Tips how to choose a Contractor

Every time we have any meeting with potential clients we can hear in the voice a tremble of stress because of the decision that has to be made in order to choose the right contractor for the project and it does't matter if is building of an extension, loft building, renovation or any other project. The bigger the project the most important to choose the right Building Company to take over the project.

Following we would like to describe 10 tips in choosing the right contractor.

1. We recommend before deciding to send documents for estimation, to prepare as detailed as possible your project in such way you will be able to get a more accurate estimate and will be able to track the works accordingly to the contract. Also, you will be able to avoid so called 'Unpredictable additional works'.

2. Recommendation is probably the biggest advertising for any Construction Company. Word of mouth is the driver in choosing those companies that have been already checked and have a reputation in the back. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers for references. People in your neighborhood who have done similar projects are your best sources. If you know people in the building trades, ask them, too. Employees of local hardware stores may also be able to provide referrals.

3. If you have an architect, designer for the job they will help you to prepare documents for the Tender, This is a process in which you can get different quotes for the same project. Interview at least three contractors. Ask a lot of questions and get a written bid from each one. When you compare bids, make sure each one includes the same materials and the same tasks, so you’re comparing apples and apples.

4. Choose the right contractor for the right project but do not get caught on the emotion of a small work done for the neighbour. Check references for other projects and if you can visit few projects will be very beneficial.

5. Check licenses, complaints and litigation history. General contractors and most subcontractors should be licensed, although the procedure varies by state and municipality. Usually, construction companies should be Insured: Public Liability Insurance, Employer Insurance and/or All Contractor Works Insurance.