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How we do it- Design and Build Loft Conversion

We have probably read lots of tips of how to build the Loft Conversion what are benefits of the lofts and I would like in the following text to explain how we are working on our Design and Build Loft Conversions in Fulham.

Being a Loft Conversion Design and Build Construction Company in Fulham we have developed our system of how to provide a turn key project on behalf of clients.

Working in the past on Bespoke Projects only we have a larger vision and capabilities in Building Bespoke Projects.

How we work!

  • We will meet with you to do a first site inspection of the property

  • Site survey- we doing a laser measurement of the site and convert it in CAD format.

  • Design-you will work with our design team to achieve your desired project. The period of the design is between 4-5 weeks. Where required our structural engineer will do the structural calculations.

  • Fresh Air-at this stage we could design for your the system of the supplying more fresh air into your property, bedrooms. We have a specialist team to supply this service for you.

  • Submission- when all plans are ready we prepare and submit your application for planning permission or permitted development. We then act on your behalf for the eight-week process responding to any enquiries and making sure that the application stays on track.

  • Quotation- at this stage the estimated cost will be submitted for you to decide.

  • Programming- we will prepare a scheduled program for the works.

  • Party Wall agreement- we do not have party wall surveyors in the house but can recommend. This is a stage that can not be avoided in any case.

  • Contract and deposit- at this stage we will sign the contract and the first invoice of the deposit submitted.

  • Building Control- 5 days prior to the starting of the project the building control should be informed. We are comfortable to work with council building control as well as with private building control.

This is the most important part that now will actually make a physical change of your property.

You will be introduced to the Project Manager and Site manager that will be with you for the entire project.

We will require a site visit every week to run through the completed stages of the project and issue an Interim Certificate that will follow with the payment for the completed works.

On completion will start as called the retention period between 3-6 months where you will point to us any snagging that must be adjusted.

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