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The Construction company you can trust

Construction industry is one of the growing industries among all other industries. the rise of population and demand makes it a vital industry which highly contributes towards the country’s economy.

Every individual desire for his/her house according to their abilities to spend for their desired house and this could only be possible if the client gives this responsibility to the responsible company like A TO Z design and build construction company.

The reason which makes our company successful is we prioritize our client demands focusing upon completion time, budget and quality.A to Z design and build construction company is considered as one of the successful company in London. The company is considered as a professional in lofts building, extensions building, basement building, full refurbishment and interior designing of buildings.

EXPERINCE OF THE COMPANY The successfully completion of dynamic and complex construction projects focusing upon time, price and quality by our company makes us more confident and gives us a courage to do more and new in the field of construction.

The construction projects were completed by the implementation of skills by our skilled professional such as engineers, architectures and projects managers. recent works:

⦁ Kitchen extension with a modern style ⦁ Loft, extensions, house convergence to flats ⦁ Rear extension conversion ⦁ Swimming pool renovation ⦁ Bathroom renovation ⦁ Roof repair, painting and decorating ⦁ Home renovation of a luxury property ⦁ Landscape bespoke porcelain bench cut with water jet ⦁ Façade renovation, pointing and rendering

Our company follows the following construction procurement plan for every construction project:

CONSTRUCTION PROCUREMENT PLAN This term describes that how the strategic process of contracts for construction work are created, managed and fulfilled.

These are the steps of construction procurement, followed by employers, construction team, advisors to achieve success in construction projects.

GETTING STARTED During this period the brief of construction project and needs of client is examined by our t